Obligatory Mom Blog

With only a little over two more months to go before baby Harper arrives, I figured now was the time to begin my mom blog. Because, let’s face it… my instagram and facebook friends are probably quickly growing tired of me sharing about hot deals at Baby Gap and newborn giveaways. I figured that the mom blogging community would be a much better audience.

Jordan and I have been taking parenting classes, and the more I learn about babies, the more nervous I am getting. I am so glad to have such an awesome partner in all of this, and I am trying to talk him into dealing with the umbilical cord care. GROSS!

Our nursery is almost completely finished. My friend Bethany is sewing me an “H” pillow that will sit in my eames rocker. I found some really cool modern bird fabric on etsy that she is using for this. Pictures will come as soon as everything is done!

I have started washing clothes and putting aside what we will take to OC. Our birth plan has gotten complicated, but my entire pregnancy has been complicated, so I didn’t expect anything less.

We moved from Orange County to Palm Desert when I was 5 months pregnant so that Jordan could join the staff of Southwest Community Church out here.

My current insurance will only cover my care in OC and my DR. is a family friend, so we have been doing to 2 hour drive to OC to keep  seeing my Doctor. Jordan’s mom was diagnosed with brain cancer in January, and she is my rock and I need and want her with me when I deliver. She has 4 more weeks of treatment to go, and I am praying that she will at least be able to be at the hospital with us. By not switching insurance and delivering in OC there is a higher chance of her being able to be there. She would not be able to make the 2 hour drive at the drop of a hat like Jordan will be doing. Also, my friends and support are still in OC. I will be moving down to OC in April when my appointments become weekly. Jordan and I will stay around with Harper for a little while after she is born so that Jordan’s mom can get a lot of time with her first grand baby.

It’s the final countdown!!!!!


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