Stuffed peppers for dinner!


March 13th, 2013



Emeals is on groupon today for $29 for dinner for an entire year. This is where I get most of my recipes. They make meal planning and grocery shopping easy and affordable. You get a weekly shopping list for your preferred grocery store every week along with the recipes that are tailored to the menu type that you select. We have done vegetarian menus and lowfat menus and have always been pleased. They even have a paleo option. I highly recommend buying this deal while it is still available!



Tonight I made Chicken Marsala over garlic quinoa!

March 12, 2013



Because I felt like baking something sweet tonight but didn’t feel up to making my usually cinnamon rolls that take 3 hours, I made this recipe up: cinnamon raisin dessert biscuits with a brown sugar glaze. They were delicious, easy, and Jordan ate 3 so I will have to make these again. They were sort of like soft scones.

Making Up Things



What I made for dinner tonight thanks to my crockpot and rice cooker: honey balsamic pork over Italian garlic quinoa!

March 10th, 2013


I Still Love Poshmark

I have been selling items, which means I have gotten to do some more shopping on Poshmark. Here are some of my most recent steals and deals:


I have be dreaming about this perfect mustard lightweight anthroplogie sweater dress for forever now, but there is no way that I could, should, or would ever pay almost $200 for a dress. I luckily stumbled upon this dress in my size last week and the seller accepted my offer of $30! That is the most I have paid for an item on Poshmark so far, but I have been wanting this dress for so long and compared to almost $200, $30 is a steal!


Leather Minnetonka boots. I paid $25 for these and they retail for around $68. I ordered these because almost all of my shoes are too small for me right now or kill my hurting swollen pregnant feet. I owned a pair of Minnetonkas many years ago and they were so comfortable and such great quality. The only downside to this purchase is that Minnetonkas run big since the soft leather stretches out so much. My original pair was a size 6 and these are a 7. These feel a little big but I can wear socks with them. They are perfect for my swelling feet, but I am not sure if they will be too big on me after my feet go back to normal. Luckily, I know of a great place where I can resell them. 😉


Free People oversized cardigan and Ann Taylor brand new satin blouse. The Free People cardigan is in great condition and I paid $10 for it. It would retail for at least $100-128. I paid about $5 for the brand new Ann Taylor satin top. It was a part of a $22 bundle with a bunch of items. I am not sure the exact retail price of the top because I only own one item from Ann Taylor, but my estimate is $70-80 based on very similar tops they are currently selling online. I am excited about these items because the cardigan is a great neutral color and it is very long. It hits below the butt, which is my favorite cardigan length. The top is modest but still cute. I have been cursed with a large chest, so any v neck, scoop neck, tank top, tight fitting t shirt, or really any non oversized shirt looks scandalous on me. 😦


6 necklace bundle. Most are from Urban Outfitters and some are brand new. I only like about half of these, but the entire bundle of 6 was $4!!! These were part of my $22 bundle from one seller. I would say that the retail price of these would be at least $100-$150.


The best deal I have gotten on Poshmark so far!!!! 2 pairs of almost new J.Crew skinny cords for $7. Yes, $7 for both pairs!!!! These retail for $90 per pair so $180 for 2! This was one of those blessed finds that you have to immediately pull the trigger on before someone else does. One pair is black and the other is a burgundy color. These were also part of my $22 bundle.  I have no idea if these will fit me yet since I am 7 months pregnant, but I look forward to finding out.


Tulle brand tribal oversized sweater. I don’t really love this sweater because the colors aren’t really my style but it only cost me about $2 to make this part of my $22 bundle. This sweater would retail for around $60. I will probably send this to my little sister if I don’t resell it.

So, these are my new deals and I have a few more things on their way that I am so stoked on!


Keurig Dreams Do Come True

Since buying our Keurig a year ago, it probably has been used at least 6 days a week, every single week. Between Jordan’s coffee addiction and my tea addiction, (I’m not drinking coffee while pregnant) our Keurig doesn’t catch a break. I also use the Keuring just for hot water to make oatmeal almost daily.

The cost of K Cups really adds up, especially since we both use at least one per day, and if company comes over we can easily go through at least half a box in one day. Luckily, Costco has recently started selling their Kirkland brand of K Cups. These cost about .33 cents a piece and come in a 100 pack. That is a huge savings compared to .75 cents to $1 per cup! Jordan has been enjoying the “Pacific Bold” flavor for the past few months.

Instead of paying $12 at target for 18 cups of tea, I have started just brewing my tea with the hot water from the Keurig and a tea bag. This works nicely other than the fact that it is hot here so I have been drinking iced tea. So, making my tea requires extra steps. I brew it in a mug and then after it steeps for about 5-10 minutes, I pour it over ice. This works fine, but the extra steps and time it takes to steep adds up when I am already rushing out the door.

Last night at small group I was introduced to the most wonderful thing, “Simple Cups.” They are disposable K Cups that you put your own coffee grinds or tea in! I know that there has been a reusable cup around for a while, but we like convenience and not having the extra cleanup.

These disposable K Cups are available on amazon for $15 for 50 and you can use any coffee or tea in them. They come with the cup, lids and liners. Let me tell you how nice it was to try one of these K Cups out last night and just brew my tea right over a glass of ice and be able to drink it right away. I am just so excited about this discovery right now and had to gush about it!!!