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A Look For Less- anthropologie


I have been obsessing over this anthropologie statement necklace for weeks now. I decided to make it my personal mission to find a similar style without the $88 price tag.

Below is what I ended up finding.


I purchased it off of eBay from a seller in China. It cost me $3.48 plus 99 cents for shipping. It took ten days to arrive and was worth the wait. The anthro version is a little bigger, and I am considering taking the dangles off and putting them on a black cord or ribbon to make it look like a closer match. All in all, I am happy with this substitute and so is my wallet.

What are some looks you would like to find for less? Comment below, and maybe I can help!

Here is the link if you would like to purchase this necklace: gold anthro style necklace


Target Tip

I love getting more for less, so when my best friend told me about this money saving tip, I had to share.

I prefer to buy the Kirkland brand makeup removing wipes from Costco because they are the best deal out there (150 wipes for about $12) and sometimes there is a coupon for $1.50 off of that! But, it’s a 25 minute drive to Costco from our house and a pain to get Harper out and about in the Costco craziness just for one thing.

So when I run out of wipes and I don’t have a Costco trip planned in the near future, I turn to the cheapest alternative, Up & Up. (Target’s brand)

For a 30 count of the standard quilted wipes with triple tea extract it is $3.64. That equals out to being about 12 cents per wipe, which was awesome until my best friend Marissa told me about an even better deal.

If you go in the travel section, you can get a 10 pack of the same wipes for only 99 cents per pack which makes each wipe cost only 10 cents! Hurray for hot deals!

In addition to saving money, this deal is awesome because smaller packs keep your wipes from drying out since you can use them up faster. I also like that I can keep a pack everywhere, gym bag, by my bed, downstairs bathroom, that way there are no excuses for not removing my makeup before bed.

Here’s a picture of the what the target Brand wipes look like to help you spot them easily:




Now that the Christmas rush is over, I am accepting bridesmaid gift orders. I have made a ton in the past week. Also, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so tell your fellow that you want one of my necklaces. 😉






Today has been a busy so far. I finally got most of my baby thank you notes out and Christmas cards sent… I’m only 8 months and 1 month late.

I am still unpacking from our VA trip, and I am going through my closet and getting rid of tons of clothes and shoes.

Harper, Luna and I went on a long walk around the neighborhood after dropping off all the mail. Here are a couple of pics:




Scenes From Last Week

Last week we spent Thursday evening in Laguna Beach trying a new Greek restaurant and letting Luna run in the sand. Friday night I got to go to Disneyland without Harper. Saturday we spent the day exploring San Juan. We went to the petting zoo, playground, coffee shop, and then tried the chocolate chip cookies at the local bakery.












Target Does It Again

There are few things I love more than a trip to Target that results in scoring some huge deals, especially when the deals are on things that I was going to have to break down and sadly pay full price for in the near future. There are few things I hate more than paying for price for things, so I was elated when I came across these items today on my Target trip:







First of all, I found the type of baby monitor I had been wanting for 70% off!! It normally sells for $200 and I got it for $60 plus I had a $20 gift card to put towards my purchases, and I have the target red card that gives me an additional 5% everything. This monitor is awesome because it connects through the internet meaning anyone I grant permission can view what is happening behind the camera on their iPhone, iPad, or computer. We have a very nice video monitor that we were given but the range is not very far, so this will be nice because I can walk Luna and still see Harper snoozing away in her crib. It will also be nice because Jordan can check in on his princess from work, and my sister can “visit” Harper from 3,000 miles away. It will also be nice to have a second view of her crib. I am so excited to start crib training and this makes me even more ready to begin!

Then I found Dr. Brown’s passies for $1.78 instead of $6. We have been lucky because Harper will take any type of passie, but Dr. Brown’s is one of my favorites. I like the little plastic nipple cover that they come with. It makes it so I can throw them in any bag and not have to wash it off before giving it to her.

Lastly, I found a breathable mesh crib bumper. It doesn’t match her room, but for $8.38 instead of $28, who cares??? Harper has an adorable bumper from Pottery Barn Kids, but I am a freak about the SIDS and the suffocation risk, so I won’t be using it until she is a year old. Harper likes to sleep with her face pressed up against the mesh sides of her little bed, so this will be a familiar comfort to her and hopefully make the transition from sleeping in our room to her crib easier. We are hoping to begin crib training next week. Between the moving, traveling, and all of us taking turns being sick, we have not yet had a good time to begin. I am very excited to have my room back!