Target Tip

I love getting more for less, so when my best friend told me about this money saving tip, I had to share.

I prefer to buy the Kirkland brand makeup removing wipes from Costco because they are the best deal out there (150 wipes for about $12) and sometimes there is a coupon for $1.50 off of that! But, it’s a 25 minute drive to Costco from our house and a pain to get Harper out and about in the Costco craziness just for one thing.

So when I run out of wipes and I don’t have a Costco trip planned in the near future, I turn to the cheapest alternative, Up & Up. (Target’s brand)

For a 30 count of the standard quilted wipes with triple tea extract it is $3.64. That equals out to being about 12 cents per wipe, which was awesome until my best friend Marissa told me about an even better deal.

If you go in the travel section, you can get a 10 pack of the same wipes for only 99 cents per pack which makes each wipe cost only 10 cents! Hurray for hot deals!

In addition to saving money, this deal is awesome because smaller packs keep your wipes from drying out since you can use them up faster. I also like that I can keep a pack everywhere, gym bag, by my bed, downstairs bathroom, that way there are no excuses for not removing my makeup before bed.

Here’s a picture of the what the target Brand wipes look like to help you spot them easily:



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