Sam Edelman Petty Boots



If you know me at all or if you follow me on social media, it is pretty obvious that I wear the same pair of shoes almost every single day. I am completely obsessed with the “Petty” boot by Sam Edelman in taupe. 

I drooled over these boots for about a year and a half but could not let myself drop $130 on a pair of shoes. I almost peed my pants from excitement when I found them second hand in awesome condition for only $35 on Poshmark. 

I have worn the heck out of these booties since they go with practically everything I own. They are also one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have aside from my Minnetonka moccasins. My Petty boots are my go to Disneyland shoes, so this is saying a lot about how comfortable they are. 

I have been hoping to find a great deal on the leopard pair, and I finally did. The timing is perfect since I currently have birthday money to spoil myself with. So, since I am sick in bed today, I did some deal hunting. 

I found 3 other color options including leopard (wine and brown too) for $65 on The best part is that they qualify for free shipping, and if you enter the code “hsnnew2014” you can take $20 off of your total. This brings the Petty boots down to $45 plus tax out the door! They usually retail for $130-160 depending on material and color, so this is a hot hot deal! 

I ordered the Leopard ones I have been dreaming about, and I am very tempted to purchase the brown ones too since I have birthday money left, and I know they will become daily drivers. (Be aware that the cocoa color is brown and not black. They used the wrong photo. I will post one below.)


Below is the link to purchase the boots, and some pics of the taupe ones that I wear daily:







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