Friday Fun

Today started out with a weight check appointment for Harper. We overslept a bit, but somehow managed to make it out of the house and to the doctor on time.

Harper is very long and lean. She is 10.5 months old, almost 29 inches long, and as of today, 14.15 pounds. The doctor has been monitoring her weight since she is so skinny just to make sure that there isn’t anything to be concerned about, like if my milk supply had tanked.

Today was a huge relief! We were told we had nothing to worry about anymore and that she is probably just naturally skinny and hasn’t been gaining much weight because she is now so active. As of today she had gained 8oz since her last appointment two weeks ago. YAY!!!

I feel so blessed to have my worried mama mind finally put at ease after a few months of all of these weigh ins.

Harper hates these weigh ins just as much as we do!


We have had a crazy month so far. Literally, we have things going on almost every day this month. Because of this, and our upcoming crazy weekend, we enjoyed our few free hours at home today playing, and napping, and watching a little bit of Netflix.




We closed out today with a celebration at our church. We do a 10 week small group type thing that helps get people connected to Jesus and to our church, so the celebration was to close out the session.

I ended up having the absolute privilege to baptize two of my new friends. They had chosen to model their lives after Jesus a while ago, but tonight they decided to go public with their decisions and get baptized.

It has been awesome getting to know these ladies during the past few months, and it was so humbling and exciting to get to be a part their faith journeys.



This photo was taken at about 9:30PM, so Harper was completely done smiling for the day.


The rest of our weekend is jam packed with parties, church hangs, and sharing some meals with good friends. What are your weekend plans?



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