Saltwater Sandals Deal

Saltwater Sandals are definitely back in this year, and are perfect for ladies and kids. Like, seriously, is there a sandal more classic and cute that matches everything? …The answer is NO!



image from Modcloth

I have seen so many fashionable ladies that I follow on Instagram pairing them with the cutest outfits. I have been wanting some for a while, but $40 for me and $35 for Harper was just not happening.

If you are familiar with me or my blog at all, you know that I love nice things (especially leather shoes,) but I am super cheap and don’t usually buy anything unless I can find a hot deal on it.

I have been scouring poshmark, eBay, Instagram, and etsy for a deal on some for me and my girl with no luck. Then last night, I finally found my deal!

Amazon has them from infants through adults for $21-28 depending on color and size. Shipping is free if you have amazon prime, which I highly recommend, or there is another listing for the sandals which ship free with a $35 purchase. We all need things like shampoo and makeup, so I’m sure you can find something to add on to make your total $35.

I have been swooning over the red pair, so for $25 and some change plus free shipping, I pulled the trigger!

Here is the link to purchase!

These sandals are high quality and durable leather. They are made to last for years and years and to be handed down from kid to kid. This company has been doing their thing for over 60 years and are being sold everywhere these days, even Modcloth and Nordstrom.

Half sizes are not available, so size down because they will stretch out and be super comfy after a few wears.

Let me know what color you end up buying and what you think of them! Also, follow me on Instagram @saramaslyn


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