Happy and Sad

I am currently sitting on the ground outside of the passport office waiting for it to open. My husband is watching Harper, so this long wait feels like a vacation to me, kinda like a little bonus vacation before going on a real vacation that requires a passport next month.

Today, I said goodbye to my friend Megan as she moves to Seattle to start her life with her Navy husband up north.

Megan was my very first friend when I moved to California from Virginia almost 5 years ago. Megan is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is loyal and honest and of course a lot of fun.

We’ve shared a lot of good times and major milestones together in the past 5 years. From partying in Vegas and LA and celebrating my 21st birthday in one of the dumpiest pubs in OC, to marriages and new jobs and new cars, we have experienced a lot of growing into real adults together.

Emotions are such a complex thing. It’s hard to understand how it is possible to be both happy and sad at the exact same time. I am so happy for my friend Megan and her husband Dustin and that they finally get to start their life together in the same city, but I am sad because I will miss my friend.

We got together in Laguna on Sunday one last time to say goodbye. Here are some photos from our last 5 years of friendship to our most recent day together.















So, as sad as I am to no longer have my friend Megan close, she is one of those friends that I can count on for anything, and I cannot wait to visit her in Seattle in a few months.

I love you, Megan!


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