Feeling Flirty With The Whole 30

Doing The Whole 30 was truly a needed reset button for me. I have always struggled with my weight and eating issues. I battled bulimia and anorexia all throughout high school, and had another eating disorder flare up when I was 19. Unfortunately, eating issues will probably always be a demon that I have to battle from time to time, but I feel like The Whole 30 gave me new tools and knowledge to help stay in control and make wiser decisions.

After I met Jordan at age 20, and settled into a happy and healthy relationship and marriage with him, I started gaining a lot of weight. To be exact, when I met Jordan I was wearing a size 2 and coming off of relapsing back into anorexia and I had become obsessed with running and working out. I ended up gaining over 40 pounds after we got together and at my heaviest I was wearing a size 10. By the way, if you don’t know me in real life, I am 5’2″ so I don’t carry extra weight well.

I had traded letting not eating enough control me, for having no control over making wise food choices at all. I thought that by just letting myself eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and how much I wanted meant that I was winning over the constant battle in my mind over my body.

I thought that I had finally won until I stopped recognizing myself in photos, found myself not able to be active at all without growing tired immediately, and found myself completely unhappy with the person that I did not even recognize staring back at me in the mirror.

Since Jordan and I were married and had the same eating habits, he had gained 50 pounds since we got together. We both decided it was time to get healthy and joined the gym and actually went and started changing how we ate.

I ended up getting pregnant with Harper and was on bed rest for most of my pregnancy,  so I wasn’t able to continue working out, but Jordan biked to work. I stopped buying processed foods, we started eating in, and drinking water not soda. So, while I was pregnant Jordan lost almost 30 pounds and I ended up weighing less after Harper was born than before I got pregnant.

Since Harper was born, we have tried to live a more active lifestyle, and have continued to eat fairly healthy, but we still weren’t where we wanted to be. We kept reading people’s success stories about The Whole 30 and how it helps change your cravings for bad foods into good foods, speeds up your metabolism, and makes you have more energy.

The Whole 30 is basically an extreme paleo 30 day challenge where you cut out all dairy, processed foods, carbs, and sugar. You mainly eat meat, veggies, most fruits, and certain nuts.

We decided that this was doable and that it was the reset that we needed and committed to doing The Whole 30 together over the month of July without cheating.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about The Whole 30. Yes, it was a little challenging at first, but once you start knowing what to buy without having to read every new label, and what you can eat if you have to grab something while you are out, and once you learn how to plan and prep meals a few days in advance, it became second nature.

For breakfast, we ate eggs. Sometimes with spinach or avocado or pico de gallo. I hated eggs before starting The Whole 30, but now I can actually stomach them. If I was in a huge hurry, I would grab a banana and almonds for breakfast. These were also some of my go to snacks. Before we had cereal almost every morning, or I would skip breakfast completely.

For lunch, I would usually eat leftovers from the night before or steam some veggies, or make a burger, or bake a sweet potato.

Dinner was some type of protein with veggies. I made a lot of carne asada topped with pico and avocado with grilled peppers. I always made extra so that we could have leftovers. We would eat burgers topped with avocado. I would grill chicken marinated in approved sauces that I found at Wholefoods. My favorites were the coconut aminos teriyaki and soy sauces. I also found an approved lemon garlic sauce at Ralph’s. If we were on the go, I would bake sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon and pack them up to eat out. I made chicken salad with avocado instead of mayo with dried cranberries, celery, bacon, salt and pepper, garlic, and cumin. I also hand cut and baked a lot of sweet potato fries.

For dessert I would slice gala apples and bake them in coconut oil topped with cinnamon, and they were almost as good as apple pie.

I would drink lots of water, black or green tea, or black coffee.

Cumin is my new favorite spice. I put that and garlic on everything now.

Avocados, eggs, spinach, bananas, approved flavors of Larabars, raw almonds, black coffee, and pico de gallo were my everyday staples and still are.

Chipotle and In N’ Out have Whole 30 approved options.

Jordan ended up losing 16 pounds during the 30 days and I lost 8 pounds. We have continued to lose weight since ending the challenge, and Jordan has lost 21 pounds total, and I have lost 12 pounds total. Jordan went down 2 pants sizes and I now wear a 6/8 instead of an 8/10.

We are still drinking our coffee black, and probably eating 70% paleo now that The Whole 30 is over. I still try to cook Whole 30 at home for the most part and try to choose healthier options while out.

We are trying be more active and sometimes it is as simple as parking in the back of the Target parking lot to walk more, or taking the steps when an elevator is available, or taking Luna on an extra lap or two around the neighborhood.

I feel better than ever. I have way more energy than before. I am anemic, so I almost always feel fatigued, but I feel like it has been so much easier to get out of bed and to get things done. I don’t feel completely exhausted all day everyday anymore.

I crave healthy foods now and I am grossed out by the thought of fried anything. This has made it easier to make wise choices while dining out. We are now eating smaller portions because we know when we are full.

I titled this post “Feeling Flirty With Whole 30,” because I finally feel confident again. Not feeling comfortable in my body had definitely taken its toll on our personal life, but I finally feel like myself again and I feel like our emotional and physical relationship is better than ever.

I am excited about our new lifestyle and working towards being healthier everyday. It has been almost 7 weeks since completing The Whole 30, and I truly feel like it has given me a balance I have never known before and the control I needed over food, and it helps to have my husband choosing health and wholeness along side of me.

Below are some photos of my favorite Whole 30 meals that I made and some of my favorite approved sauces and snacks:

10300296_10152565357230761_4201576109831208150_n 10304973_10152531332320761_7235078429509525931_n 10314496_10152575570575761_444725395718483266_n 10346188_10152540819070761_2656680328544050606_n 10353561_10152527582130761_4973002886169078207_n 10406468_10152529045535761_570963491351817013_n 10454284_10152532010925761_1412544113656827532_n 10462915_10152594234490761_2285485349026221171_n 10486373_10152532011445761_7635238165766459850_n 10489697_10152565360215761_1920608370638809604_n 10491072_10152584111570761_7135790171990228669_n 10519231_10152575570590761_6874755928611026743_n 10527346_10152567213960761_6776914838232986383_n 10527528_10152588631095761_2015912181866205158_n 10527772_10152550848690761_3210577869781568518_n


I wish we had taken real before and after photos, but we didn’t so I tried to find some photos for comparison. Here is the before: 1467312_10202745887672940_980598672_n 10155304_10152389942935761_2480874121984015789_n


And here is the after:

10557179_10152586318840761_8385877881639366462_n 10580199_10152680003660761_7243711786186492529_n



I would love to hear about your experience doing The Whole 30 or answer any questions you may have, so comment below.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Flirty With The Whole 30

  1. I completely agree! Doing the whole 30 for us was annoying at first, but then once we got into the groove much easier. I’m also anemic and hypoglycemic and didn’t realize just what some foods were really doing to my system. The Whole 30 truly is like a reset button for your overall health and it definitely reprograms your cravings. So glad it was awesome for you guys, thanks for sharing!

    • thanks for reading my post. I really doubted it would make such a huge difference in my life, but now I am a believer. We wanna do another 30 days soon and do a few throughout the year to keep on track. I seriously am blown away to have natural energy now without having to take supplements for anemia.

  2. Linda Prock says:

    Hey Sara, good for you!! Brian and I just finished our 30 days (8/1-8/30); he lost 10 pounds and I lost 8. But more importantly, as you noted, it changed our perspective about food. We eat pretty healthy in general but this gave us a new focus on real food. 🙂 I complained a lot at first because I was preparing meals for our kids and meals for us, but I totally get why 30 days… to help us establish good habits and reset our bodies. I don’t eat a lot of sugar (cookies, treats, desserts) but I realized I’m still craving it and have other sources that go to to get it (fruit, juices, peanut butter, milk, etc.). Good education and good experience for us. Trying to continue with a bit of modification. Interesting as we started to add a few food groups back in, Bri is struggling with gluten and me with dairy… hmmm, our bodies are telling us something for sure. Thanks for sharing your Whole 30 story.

  3. Ellen says:

    So rad and encouraging! Also, bravo on being so transparent. That can be so scary, but super meaningful to anyone going through a similar type of struggle.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. My family is now researching the Whole30 book and I am looking for some good recipes and tips to make this doable for all of us. It’s time to control the food instead of letting the food control us.

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