Harper’s first night out.

No photos of Harper today because a sweet lady from church offered to take her off my hands so that I could get some major packing done. I would say that we are now 75% done. Yay!

Harper is spending the night out tonight for the very first time. It feels so weird not having to be quiet at 11pm and it will be weird to start my day in the morning for the first time without her sweet face getting me out of bed. I wonder if my body will actually allow me to sleep in? I wonder if she will keep the sweet family that is caring for her up all night?

Anyway, I am super thankful for all of the great people we have in our life and that so many people have helped us out recently by taking Harp so we can pack and by giving us furniture.

Today consisted of soooo much packing and laundry and a trip to ikea with my helper Madi, for new house needs, and of course lots of coffee.

I also changed out of my yoga pants and threw on an outfit so that I could take my new marloe bag out for the first time. You can buy this amazing everyday tote here!







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