The Easiest Christmas Gift DIY


I feel like it’s lying to consider these adorable Christmas cups a DIY project because really all you have to do is assemble things, but that’s what makes these little cuties the perfect gift project for anyone, even those who continually have Pinterest fails with everything they touch.

I love how these little cups turned out. I made them to have a couple around our house for guests who drop by during the Christmas season and also for the office ladies in our neighborhood. I will probably fill them with those via instant drink packages from Starbucks, but I think that even empty, anyone would be thrilled to receive one.


So here is what you need:

Small mason jars: These are cheapest if you buy them in a package of 12. right now Michaels has a 50% off one item coupon that you could use for the jars. If you only want to make a handful of these, they are $1.99 each at Michaels or $1.53 if you buy 4 or more. The mason jars with handles would be really cute for this project, but they are more expensive ($2.99 each) so I just went with what was cheapest.

Lids and Straws: Michaels made this part soooooo easy. They sell right beside their mason jars packages of lids and straws. The lids already have a hole in them and they have a silicon stopper to keep the straw in place. They come in sets of two red lids and two red straws or two green lids and two green straws for $3.99 a package. I wanted to mix it up and put red straws with green lids and green straws with red lids so I bought both colors.

Remember to get the Michaels and Joanns apps on your phone for coupons. These can save you so much money. They typically have a 40-50% off one item coupon and sometimes a 20% off of your total purchase. On Black Friday, they are doing 25% off of your total, so that would be a great day for you to buy your supplies.

Gift Tags: I found mine at TJMaxx for $4.99 for 24, but Michaels sells similar tags. I already had mine, so that is what I used.

Each cup will cost you around $2.75-3.50 depending on how savvy you are with your couponing.

Have fun, act surprised if I gift you one of these cups, and Merry Christmas!


DIY Christmas

This year, I have committed to trying to make our Christmas primarily handmade gifts or gifts purchased from small shops.

I have a million ideas running through my head right now, so I’m crafting like crazy and trying to figure out what to make people.

So far, I made a little tassel Christmas garland to hang in our house. I also made a little trial run tassel dream catcher that I gave to Harper’s babysitter because she is the sweetest and it matched her room. I also began a bigger wall hanging for Harper’s room. I cannot decide if it is finished or not yet.

I am dreaming up something to make for a mama to be friend in Hawaii. She is having a little boy soon, so I want to make something special for his room.

I have made about 50 tassels in the past 12 hours and today I experimented with dip dyeing some of them in jello. We will see how they turn out tomorrow.

Here’s some pics of my trial runs:









Halloween 2014

Halloween is my very favorite holiday. I love when Disneyland looks like Halloweentown and Nightmare Before Christmas takes over The Haunted Mansion. I love dreaming up what we will dress up as and seeing what everyone else comes up with.

This year, I feel like my favorite holiday came and passed so quickly. We took a trip to the pumpkin patch and ran out of time to carve our pumpkins, so they are still sitting in the backseat of my car.

My husband is the high school pastor at our church, so I helped him put on the Halloween party for students that took place the night before Halloween. It was so fun, and two of our volunteers/friends came dressed as Jordan and me, and they even had a little Harper doll. My friend Kasaundra and I went as thing 1 and thing 2 because we were at target late right before the party and realized we didn’t have costumes yet.

On Halloween, Jordan and I were lion tamers, and Harper and Luna were lions. I have realized that it is very difficult to get a decent photo of a dog or a toddler, so getting a decent photo of both of them was a fail.

We spent Halloween night taking Harper around to the houses of some of our friends and family, and taught Harper how to trick or treat. She loved it, and she got to try a few M&Ms and a bite of Twix.




























Pop Basic Frankie Collection

When Pop Basic asked me to try out their Frankie Collection, I was completely ecstatic!

I firmly believe that basics are the backbone of any amazing wardrobe, and I live my life in solid and striped basic tees and tanks mixed with fun accessories and statement pieces like floral pants, or bold jewelry.

It’s no secret that I wear the same grey muscle tee multiple times a week, in fact I own three of the same basic tee because I love it so much and it pairs well with anything! So, I was super excited to learn about Pop Basic.

Pop Basic is a rad company with a really unique concept. They send you a well thought out micro collection of basics every month to refresh your wardrobe and help you make all new looks with some of the items that you already have in your closet. The items all coordinate to make an amazing new outfit, or you can wear them all separately with almost anything you already own. Great idea, right?

The items are all high quality, come in an adorable package, and you also receive a health or beauty item in your box. I received lens/electronic cleaning wipes and a $15 gift card to (custom jewelry via 3D printing) with the Frankie Collection.

So, here are some photos of the Frankie Collection. It includes a high low fit very soft grey tee, a 100% leather white and rose gold belt, and a soft and large polka dot scarf, and I loved them all!

















IMG_9739.JPGWant to try Pop Basic? Click here for your $15 credit!  I cannot wait to see what next month’s collection includes!