Easy Bunny Easter Eggs DIY

My family back home is really into sending each other holiday cards throughout the year, and I have always loved that. This year instead of sending cards, Harper and I will be sending these little Easter greetings that we made mostly out of things that an avid crafter has at home. 

You will need:

1. Toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls

2. Eggs, I used fake eggs that I found at Michaels for $2.99 for a dozen. You could easily use pink Easter eggs or real hard boiled eggs. 

3. Paint. You will need green paint for the grass, and pink for the eggs. You can also dye the eggs pink which would look better in my opinion, but I didn’t have egg dye. The paint that I used was $.50 a bottle.

4. Googly eyes ($.99 per pack)

5. Small white Pom balls ($1.29 per pack) or cotton balls.

6. 1 sheet of pink felt. $.33 at Michaels

7. Toothpicks

8. Paper for the flag that goes on the toothpick. I used premise Kraft paper picks.

Other supplies: fine sharpie, hot or craft glue, paintbrushes 

Harper is too young to help with this other than handing me the items to glue, so I used acrylic paint and hot glue. This can be totally kid friendly if you use temper paint for the cardboard and tacky glue. 

Step 1: paint the outside and inside of each cardboard tube green. I used two coats on the outside and one on the inside.

Step 2: paint or dye the eggs pink. The acrylic paint didn’t do the best job not being streaky, but it’s what I had. If I were to redo this craft, I would dye the eggs instead.

Step 3: cut the cardboard rolls in half and then fringe one side.

Step 4: cut bunny ears out of pink felt. 

Step 5: write your Easter greeting on your toothpick flag and then glue it to the inside of the toilet paper roll. Wait for this to dry before putting the egg in. 

6: put pink egg into fringed TP roll and glue on ears, eyes, and tail. Pinch the ears when you attach them. 

Since some of my eggs will be traveling across the country to grandparents, I glued them to the roll for more security. 

Here’s the finished product of this super easy and cheap craft. You can add a lollipop to make it a cute little Easter gift for your child’s friends. We like the a Yummy Earth Organic lollipops. 


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