Steel Herb Garden

We moved into our house in the middle of winter, and I have been counting down the days until Spring so I could start my herb garden, and my backyard vegetable garden.

We have a lot of wood in our house, so I had a galvanized steel pot tabletop herb garden in my head to help give a nice contrast, but until today, I could not find the perfect pots for an affordable price. Everything I had found previously was around $40, but today I found these gems for under $10!!!

The trio with tray was about $10, and the large round ice bucket/pot was $8, and they are from Walmart!!!! The three piece set was already drilled to use for plants, but the large bucket was not.

I never shop there, but it is one of the closest stores to our new house, so I ran in today for something and flipped out when I spotted The Better Homes and Gardens galvanized steel collection. They have everything from serving trays to steel beverage dispensers, and the two items pictured, are exactly what I had in my mind for my herb garden.

My hope is that my Rosemary will grow into a large bush, and that I can keep it out on our deck during the warmer months, but bring it inside during winter. I buy Rosemary weekly and use it on everything from sweet potatoes to chicken, so I am excited about having my own crop of it.

My next projects on my Spring list are raised garden beds and building a simple bar for the backyard, so stay tuned!